Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The one with the green bitty bits!

The scene: Me washing up in the kitchen, Alexandra playing with dolls at the table.

Me: (breezily so as not to influence the answer) What do you think of this new bread Alex?
Alexandra: (frowning slightly) What new bread do you mean Mummy? The one with the green bitty bits?
Me: (perplexed)  Err- I wouldn't call them green, but yes, the one with bits in it...
Alexandra: (brightly) It's delicious, I like that one, can we get it again?
Me (opening mouth to speak):
Alexandra: exit left out of the kitchen humming 'Build Me Up Buttercup' without waiting for a response.

We have deep meaningful conversations, my daughter and I!

So (without Alex's insightful input)  how does DS Wholesome Seeded Loaf square up to its rivals?

The positives-

  • Packaging is robust, meaning loaf isn't falling apart before we even begin sandwich building.
  • Texture is springy and butterable (yes, it's a word!).
  • Stays fresh for a few days when opened (and can be eaten fresh- doesn't need to be heated to 'revive' it).
  • Tastes good (both girls and myself gave it a go- the 'bitty bits' make it nice and moist!)
  • Toasts well.
The (slightly) less positives-
  • It ain't cheap (£2.50 for 300g)- but then again what GF food is?!
  • Holes were smaller than most competitors, but still they poked their little absent selves through-grrr.
  • Slices were small- I have never yet seen 'normal' sized GF sliced loafs- it seems gluten has an amazing amplifying quality that makes loaves made using wheat flour increase by 1/3 to dwarf their GF cousins. 
Over all, this is a pretty good competitor in the G-F bread stakes. Definitely on my 'buy when I find it' list. (Available in most good supermarkets. If they're big. Hopefully!)


  1. Glutenfreies Toastbrot hat auch in der Schweiz Löcher! Oft sind die Scheiben so ineinander gepresst das wir sie fast nicht lösen können oder sie zerbrechen ohne sie zu berühren.
    Deshalb habe ich angefangen Toastbrot selber zu backen, in Scheiben zu schneiden und dann einzufrieren. Jetzt haben wir Toastbrot das keine Löcher hat und nicht auseinander fällt :)

    1. Gut gemacht, ich habe Brot backen versucht, bin aber nicht sehr gut! Welche Rezept verwenden Sie?

  2. A company in Cork called Delicious have teamed up with Brennan's bread to make 'normal' sized GF bread...you can buy it in Dunnes Stores in Cork at the moment, but it's going nationwide soon hopefully! So next time you visit Ireland, look out for it :)

    1. Oooo Kate, that sounds amazing! I'm back on home turf in the summer so will definitely keep an eye out for Delicious bread (what an interesting name- hope it lives up to it ;-)). Thanks for letting me know about it. Jen

  3. My sone will only eat Juvela White Sliced fresh loaf which we have to buy from NI!! (we used to get it on prescription in England) would love to find an equivalent that does not have to be ordered 10 days in advance!!!