Sunday, 11 May 2014

Out of the mouths of babes!

My husband was proof reading this blog recently and Alexandra wanted to know what he was looking at. I explained that I sometimes wrote about her being a Coeliac so that other people would know what it's like.
'Well they could always ask me' was her very practical response. Great idea, I thought, get the five year old writing, she'll probably have a much more interesting take on things than I do! So I asked Alex what she would like to tell people about having Coeliac disease --and this is what she wanted people to know:

  • It's good being gluten free because you get to be special.
  • You can play with your friends still, even though you can't have the food that they have.
  • You can make food that is gluten free for yourself when you're older.
  •  If your grandma or grandad don't know you can tell them what's gluten free and what you can have. 
  • You can't have the same pudding that your friends have even though you might like to try it.
  • When I have gluten I get sick and I go home before my friends if I'm at school. 
  • It feels bad in my tummy and just in my heart. (?!)
  • A good nights sleep helps me feel better because ill people need a good nights sleep. 
  • When I go to the doctor they give me a blood test, but when I was little I was sick and I had to go to the hospital but I wasn't even five then, I was one. Was it 10 years ago mummy? (Obviously need to work on the maths a bit!)
  • That's it 'cause that's a lot of words isn't it?
  • Oh wait, can you just tell people even though God's with me I can still be poorly, so that's ok.
So there you have it, all you need to know about being a Coeliac from a five year old's perspective covered!

Plus a drawing of her being sick- nice!