Sunday, 1 September 2013

There's a new crisp in town!

Do you know who cooked the crisps in your packet? What type of potato are they made of (hmm, come to that, how many types of potatoes could you actually name?!). Any idea where those potatoes were grown? These questions did not even occur to me until the lovely people at Keogh's sent us some of their Gluten-free hand cooked crisps.

Let me tell you- these crisps are a revelation! Great flavours, great texture, gluten-free and 100% Irish (and lets face it, you can't go wrong with something Irish!).  My husband is not a lover of gluten-free fare. He usually turns his nose up as soon as he sees 'Gluten-Free' on the packet and is reluctant to try anything that might be suitable for Coeliacs (often including my baking, fnhh fnhh fnhh!). However, when I asked him about his thoughts on Keogh's crisps he said (and I quote)  'Yeah, they were nice, they were good quality, better than Tayto anyway. They're at least as good as Kettle chips with better flavours'. The GF flavours include Irish Atlantic Sea Salt, Shamrock and Sour Cream, Atlantic Sea Salt & Irish Cider Vinegar and Sweet Chilli & Irish Red Pepper. Unfortunately they don't do a gluten free cheese and onion flavour, so I must disagree with hubby's comparison to Tayto, but I have to say they are by far and away the best gluten-free crisps I have ever tasted and blow all other non-GF competitors out of the water too. Top marks!

A word of warning if you have a child as inquisitive as mine- be prepared to be bombarded with questions about anyone who ever worked for Keogh's.  I made the mistake of telling Alexandra that the back of the packet tells you who cooked the crisps, along with where the potatoes were picked and what type of potatoes they're made from. I subsequently  had to explain that they don't tell you anything about what colour hair Marika or Dean have, what their favourite Disney princesses are or what toys they like- how remiss!

In any case, thank you to Keogh's for introducing us to their fab gluten-free product. My mum will be delighted that they are being introduced to Tesco in the UK, so she won't have to lug them over to us in her suitcase too!


PS I promise not to post about crisps again for the foreseeable future!!


  1. Ive been eating these for a while I love the shamrock ones and its great the little info on the back! I miss my tayto too but its easier when you have a nice pack of crisps even if they arent cheese and onion!

    1. Absolutely right! And who knew that shamrock could be a flavour! :-)