Monday, 6 May 2013

Oops I did it again. (or s##t I've given her gluten!)

Excuse number 1:  We'd just come in from a bank holiday day out. Everyone was hot, tired and tetchy.

Excuse number 2: Someone hadn't put the plates away properly. I usually have different plates for the 2 girls but couldn't find any of Katya's plates so put the food out on two of Alexandra's plates.

Excuse number 3: The breads look the same when you're distracted. (err, well, they're both on the browny/ cream spectrum and they both have 4 sides.... not too dissimilar.....)

Excuse number 4: They were clamouring for food, they wanted it now. I had to be quick or someone might have keeled over from hunger!

Reality: There is no excuse. I was careless and didn't pay enough attention and my darling Alexandra paid the price. I feel so horrible if Alex eats gluten by mistake, multiply that by a hundred when it's actually my fault. (I can't think of any other time when I've been directly to blame for a gluten accident and I don't want to feel like this again!)

The result: After sitting down to a tea of ham and cheese sandwiches Alexandra said 'Mummy, I think you've given me the wrong bread'. 'Of course I haven't', I reassured her, then gave a double take and found Katya tucking in to Alex's gluten-free snack. Alex had eaten exactly 1/6th of a slice of Hovis Best of Both. She screeched in fright and then realised that she felt ok, so insisted on having a gluten-free sandwich as planned. Fast forward 4 hours, 2 sets of bed clothes, 3 changes of pyjamas,1 exhausted 4 year old and 1 very guilty Mummy.

I highlight mistakes I come across elsewhere and can't keep my own house in order. I guess you can never become complacent or take your eye off the ball- lesson (re)learnt!

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